Customs Brokerage

Shine's Customs Brokerage introduction.

About shine's Customs Brokerage service

Shine logistics are proficient in every aspect of china customs, including documentation, tariffs, and classifications. We proactively clear your goods before arrival at the port for prompt resolution of any issue, and to ensure your freight reaches you quickly, affordably and in compliance with all china customs requirements.


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Customs Consulting

Our customs consultants can analyze your supply chain to help enhance customs activities, optimize duties, tariffs, and other taxes, identify potential areas of risk.

Customs Clearance Process

We will work with you to prepare and submit all required documentation, and through clearing your goods with CHINA customs, ensuring 100% compliance with all rules and regulations, payment of duties and tariffs, and ultimately shipping your goods to their final destination.

Customs Bonds

Optimize and improve your supply chain efficiency with a mixture of customs bonds to keep your goods flowing through CHINA ports.

Importer Security FilingRemote Location Filing

Let us address importer security filing (ISF) for you. We will work jointly with your company to collect all necessary data and offer you specific guidance on how to get into the filing process while remaining compliant.

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