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15 years of professional international freight forwarding service, import and export trade more than 100 regions and countries.

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Transportation safeguard:The core team with more than 10 years of tradition forwarder experience .Long term capacition contracts with several shipping lines.
Better channel security:All routing are self-built caused more controllable and responsive;Multiple customs and category audit and risk control ;door to door commercial insurance coverage full routing.


Stronger Overseas resources:Owned American/Canada branch offices/overseas warehouse/trucks;Owned UK overseas warehouse/cartage;Amazon full site qualit overseas cooperation network.


More powerful system:Interface with upstream and downstream APIs,Faster data interaction ;Provide full track query ;Ensure multi-channel documents processing more accurate and efficient


More complete dot and stronger hardware:Collection points at Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Xiamen/Hongkong ect,Own dozens of collection vehicles;Thousands of square storage warehouse at China and overseas.

Amazon FBA warehouse distribution maps

FBA shipping instructions

FBA shipping instructions

 1,Assign the warehouse after creating shipment,confirm the following information for booking:

Check the cargo statistics of the finally assigned FBA warehouse address (including FBA CODE) (volume:cartons or pallets/Gross weight(KG)/volume(CBM)/Sheet size) with the customer service of AMAZON for p/u address/date/CONSIGNEE details(as importer) 2,Cargo have to be packaged in cartons or pallets basically the requested of Amazon :

A.Small cargo:Paste the SKU barcode;

B.Caron:Avoid the shedding during transportation,It is suggested that the outer cases should be labeled on all sides and covered with transparent tape;

C.Pallet:EU standard(European standard pallet/4way,length 1.2M *width 0.8M*height 1.6M)    

               BS(European standard pallet/4way,length 1.2M *width 0.8M *height 1.7M)    

               AMER STD(American standard pallet/4way,length 1.2M *width 1M*height 1.8M)    

               Once the cargo volumer exceeds half a pallet,the palletized is necessary。

3,FBA What information and documents need to be provided for delivery:

By courier:Original commercial invoice in 3 copies should be provided with the cargo; Also, need to be provided an electronic commercial invoice to our company;

Sea Shipment or Air Shipment:

A. No export customs documents:Just provide the packing list and commercial invoice in both Chinese and English, Remarks:Shipment name/ID ;Amazon Reference ID

B. If there are export customs documents, the following export customs documents is necessary:

1.Sales contract(one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

2.Copy of business license(one,stamp with official seal)

3.Packing list(one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

4.Commercial invoice(one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

5.Customs declaration(one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

6.Declaration certificate for customs clearance(in triplicate,stamp with official seal)

7.Letter of entrustment for depositing the warehouse (one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

8.Brand declaration (one,stamp with official seal,in chinese)

9.Copy of Customs declaration registration certificate《进出口货物收发货人报关注册登记证书》复印件(one 、stamp with official seal)

10.Shipment name/ID ;Amazon Reference ID

4,Pick up/Delivery instructions: no loading/unloading by the truckers ,if you need the loading/unloading, please kindly instruct ahead ;Please kindly fill and stamp the SO/Brand declaration/ Letter of entrustment for depositing the warehouse(if have own export customs documents, have the offer the full docs),send the docs to the driver after loading。

5,Importers at the destination: Please kindly confirm the importers/brokers details before shipping,Or need a fixed tax number to pay duty/vat(need VAT returned)。Importers' details or VAT number have to be issued on packing list/commercial invoice/Bill of Loading,It is not allowed to change anything once the import manifest approved。

Our warehouse

Amazon FBA Return and Exchange Instructions

FBA change the labels:

Amazon Sellers are generally difficult to avoid the account no. is closed 、products can not be put on the shelf、customer returns ect. due to various reasons ,This is BIG problem that every e-commerce business may encounter!

After years of communication with e-commerce customers,we found tat almost all sellers have goods backlog in the Amazon warehouse can not sell the situation from time to time ,the main reasons for this phenomenon as below :

1、The packaging of the goods is damaged during the transportation and can not be registered as new cargo。

2、LISTING unqualified or invalid audit。

3、Infringementof Commodity Defendant,account was closed。

In fact, there unmarketable goods ,95% can be processed and resold,Due to:

1、Even the packaging damaged,the goods were not damaged。

2、Buyers may simply return the goods just becaused of their personal preference for external packaging。

3、Listing can be re-creat ,or to-sell 。

4、Change another account to re-sell same products。

The current situation is that most of the sellers are in China and have no way to dispose of the goods, just leave it away 。Caused more and more storage cost from Amazon. once destroy,all cost include product value, freight,VAT/DUTY and FBA cost ect. will be loss。Dealing with the backlog is one BIG problem for Chinese sellers. Even the Amazon can assist to return the cargo to China, how to arrange?Higher freight and handling fee ect.destroy by the Amazon, also serious loss!

Shine Logistics can provide each Amazon seller with return cargo and exchange lables, repackaging and delivery services ect,to avoid products loss and credit the secondary sales service at Amazon。 Our overseas warehouse staffs are familiar with Amazon product features and rules,Warehouse managed by Chinese person,Guarante the efficiency and safety ,can be quickly processed after receiving the return cargo of the labelm packaging, transportation ect。

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