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Focus on truthfully stating the contents of the goods to the agent:

Indicate whether the goods delivered are goods transported under certain conditions, with particular attention to whether the goods delivered are dangerous goods or may contain dangerous goods. If it is or contains dangerous goods, it shall be handled in accordance with the relevant agreement between the carrier and the agent and the relevant provisions of the provisions of the International Aviation Association on dangerous goods.

2. Destination of goods (Chinese and English)

When the consignor indicates to the agent the destination of the goods delivered and if the destination is not a navigable airport, the agent advises the consignor to change the destination of the goods to a navigable airport closest to the destination, but the consignee column is still required to fill the destination of the goods.

3. Packing and volume of goods

The agent inspects the packing of the goods and the size of the goods while they are being transported by air. Shippers will be required to repackage packages that are poorly packaged, pose safety risks to the aircraft, are too rudimentary, and carry the old logo. In addition, to check that the volume of the cargo meets the requirements of the loaded model, consider the type used in the transfer terminal for the intermodal cargo.

4. Customs formalities

Check whether the customs declaration, inspection and customs clearance procedures are complete.

When the above four points meet the requirements, the shipper is requested to fill in the international consignment, and the shipper should carefully fill in and check the relevant columns on the international consignment:

1. Product name column (including volume and size) (Chinese and English)

The product name in the product name column should not be too general. For example, "car taillights" should not be generally filled in as "car parts" or "lights." In addition, the size of the goods to be filled in should indicate the unit of measurement, and in the case of dangerous goods, the specific name and packing level should be specified.

2. The name and address column of the consignee (Chinese and English)

The consignee carefully fills in the exact country where the consignee is located, the name of the city, the name of the airport and the contact address and telephone number of the consignee. In particular, attention should be paid to whether it belongs to the name of the city of the same name in different countries, and if so, it must be checked whether the nationality is correct. The word "to order" must not appear in this column because air cargo orders cannot be transferred.

3. Shipper signature column

Fill in the sender signature column with the identity and address of the sender and contact information, telephone number and signature. (If the unit is to be sealed and signed).

4. Payment of freight and related agency costs after confirmation of weight.

Warm Tips:

The above information is for information only, and specific matters are subject to the circumstances.

In addition, when you ship abroad, you must write down the consignee's address, zip code, telephone number (2 as much as possible) in detail and accurately. The consignee cannot be reached if the address is incorrect. The cost of destroying goods and returning them abroad is an unacceptable high cost. And all these costs need to be borne by the shipper himself. It is important to remind foreign trade personnel to pay more attention to whether the consignee confirms that the goods will be cleared after arrival, so as to avoid difficulties for the consignee to change his mind and not pick up the goods.

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